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What is Sustainability Jam?

Global Sustainability Jam is the world’s biggest non-profit innovation event targeting sustainability. Creative and passionate people will meet to form teams and work to create brand-new real-world designs, projects and initiatives that will create impact on sustainability. 

The hosts will provide necessary support, including the space, guidance and mentoring, tools and methods, as well as the communication platform. During the event, participants will be able to communicate with teams in other locations all around the globe. By the end of the Jam - November 23rd at 3:00pm Shanghai time - all participants will upload their work onto the global platform to share their creations with the rest of the world. Find out more here: http://planet.globalsustainabilityjam.org/

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How much will it cost?

The jam is a non-profit event, and event fees are not mandatory, however to make this event a memorable and enjoyable experience we kindly ask for donations to help us offset the costs of providing the working space and other resources.More information about donations please click here.



Type Sales End Price Quantity


2014-11-21 15:00 ¥0


2014-11-21 15:00 ¥0

How you can participant?

As a Jammer: Open to anyone who has an open mind and wants to practice a hands-on approach to creativity and problem solving. Please make sure that you will available to participate during ALL 3 days to ensure seamless collaboration and team dynamic. Jam is a great place to learn new skills, challenge yourself, and meet great people while having fun. Your designs and projects have the potential to create a real impact for a more sustainable future.

As an Observer: If you can’t commit to all 3 days, you are also welcome to observe Friday's opening session and final sharing session on Sunday afternoon.

As A Spark: Helping to get the juices flowing, inspire, guide and  share you knowledge about Sustainability Design, New Business Model Generation, Social Entrepreneurship etc... - When: 20 minutes from 4-6pm on Friday, November 21st

As  A Mentor: You will guide Jammers' direction, help them brainstorm, plan and prototype.  - When: Two hourly sessions On Saturday, November 22nd from 10:30-11:30 and 16:00 - 17:00

As A Juror: You will provide feedback on practicability, feasibility and potential scale for Jammers' project  - When: Sunday November 23rd from 3-6pm

 If you are interested in becoming our Spark, Mentor or Juror, please provide your detail info and contact us directly through this email address: yifei.li@shcbi.com

If you are interested in sponsor us, please contact: maciej.dudek@shcbi.com

成为参与者: 我们欢迎任何拥有开放头脑并希望锻炼实践和解决问题能力的参与者。请预留出3天的时间,以更好地与团队无缝连接,协同创新。在这里你可以收获不同的设计思维、挑战自我并认识更多志趣相投的朋友。你的设计和创意有可能在未来产生一个现实的影响力。


成为嘉宾: 分享你在可持续设计、商业模型发展、创业等方面的知识。

成为导师: 为参与者提供指导,引导其发展方向、计划以及概念模型。

成为评委: 分享对最终成果的可行性、实用性以及发展潜力的独到见解。




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Date Time

2014-11-21 15:00 - Start

2014-11-24 19:00 - End

  • 中国 上海 静安区
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